January 2011

Global Episodes of CEOTraining.com

by Richard Wilson on January 14, 2011

Through managing a global team of 20+ professionals and by speaking at many international conferences and workshops I have had the opportunity to travel to a lot of interesting places to see how business is done.

If you are like me than you are interested in seeing how business is done around the world, what businesses and consumers are purchasing in other countries, and how you could grow your business by being more aware and on top of global developments and trends.

That is the inspiration behind the Global Episodes Channel here on CEOTraining.com. The following videos were all recorded in countries outside the United States such as Brazil, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Monaco, France, and Spain.


How to Start A Business

by Richard Wilson on January 1, 2011

The How to Start A Business Channel here on CEOTraining.com provides a directory of helpful video and audio-based episodes on how to start your business the right way.

This channel covers the fundamentals and helps you avoid the $10,000 mistakes that most new business owners make, and making sure you have the right competitive research, marketing, and systems in place to survive.

Watch these videos if you are new to business ownership or feel like you never really received training on how to do things right from day one.

    • Pricing for Profits – Episode #5 Richard Wilson talks about how pricing is perhaps the single most high leverage business activity you can focus on as a business owner.  He discusses …



      by Richard Wilson on January 1, 2011

      If you can’t influence yourself, your team, and your marketplace you will soon lose your business and you will be working for someone else.

      On the other hand the better you can get at communicating effectively, reading others, and influencing everyone around you the more profitable and stable your business will become.

      The Influence Channel here on CEOTraining.com provides direct links to each of our episodes on influence and persuasion:


      Industry Authority Channel

      by Richard Wilson on January 1, 2011

      If you are an industry authority and you master the process of becoming an expert in your niche than you will have more opportunities and clients coming to you than you could ever serve. You will get to pick and choose your business ventures, product lines, and services so that you can more rapidly reach profitability and the lifestyle you desire.

      I personally have gone from being 100% unknown to serving as the opening day chairman for the oldest and largest conference in the hedge fund industry, and I can show you how to do the same.

      This Industry Authority Channel here on CEOTraining.com provides practical advice on how to read, write, and speak your way to becoming a industry authority.

      • Becoming an Authority – Episode #17 This episode discusses the importance and power of becoming an authority in your field, and it includes a nice (annoying) soundtrack from the restaurant where …
      • What is Ghostwriting? In this episode Richard defines ghostwriting, explains what a ghostwriter does, and provides examples of how you can build your business faster by using ghostwriting …


      Advanced Marketing Strategies Channel

      by Richard Wilson on January 1, 2011

      Marketing, sales, and acquiring new customers is one of your top responsibilities as a CEO.  This is an area of my passion and is something I have studied for 1,000’s of hours since starting my business.

      The following is our CEOTraining.com Advanced Marketing Strategies Channel which provides you with direct links to some of our favorite marketing episodes:

      • More coming soon…

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