Akash Karia on Being a World Class Public Speaker & Prolific Writer – Episode #259

by Richard Wilson on May 27, 2015

91AHtekWlZL._UX250_Akash Karia: Akash is the #1 most prolific writer and thought leader on the topic of public speaking globally and he is himself ranked a top 10 speaker in all of the Asia-Pacific region so we thought it would be only appropriate to interview him for our Certified Public Speaker (CPS) designation program.  We were honored to interview Akash on humor, advanced rhetorical device usage, developing a signature story, pattern interrupts, being prolific, modeling, how successful speakers think, and how to create a memorable phrase that pays.  If you ever wondered what it would be like to sit down for coffee with a global expert on public speaking, please listen to this audio interview. (Download this MP3 Audio Recording)

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