Nick Morgan on Becoming a Professional Public Speaker – Episode #260

by Richard Wilson on May 27, 2015

dr-nick-morgan-profileNick Morgan: One of the most valuable interviews we completed for experienced speakers in this program was with Dr. Nick Morgan, CEO of Public Words.  Nick is the author of 3 books on public speaking including Power Cues, Trust Me, and Give Your Speech Change the World.

This interview covered a different perspective on public speaking, and even those who have given over 100 or 200 speeches will get great value from Nick’s insights on identifying your niche, doing the opposite of everyone else, using body language properly, and being a doctor of your space rather than a blind prescriptionist.  (Download this MP3 Audio Recording)

If you would like to learn about how to become a certified public speaker please explore our Certified Public Speaker (CPS) designation at

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