Becoming an Authority – Episode #17

by Richard Wilson on May 31, 2011

This episode discusses the importance and power of becoming an authority in your field, and it includes a nice (annoying) soundtrack from the restaurant where the video was recorded.  That’s the price of turning the top of a casino resort area into my recording studio for 5 minutes I guess. Anyways, this video is about how most people who don’t have a position of authority within their industry must constantly cold call or look for prospects while those with authority have customers coming to them.  If you want to reverse the flow of cold calls and reaches out to potential clients and instead have more clients approaching you than you could possibly serve than you need to master becoming an authority in your space.  (Download this MP4 Video).

Video Transcript/Summary: This video was created to emphasize how important it is to build your authority position within your industry.  The more authoritative you are the less you have try and sell. For example just today I was on the phone trying to sell an expensive package of services to a company in Texas I had never spoken with before.  About 25 minutes into the phone call the person stopped me and mentioned that he just realized that I was the same Richard Wilson who had written a book he purchased about six months ago.  He had the book in front of him on his desk with some pages earmarked for follow up, and that changed the entire phone call.

From that point on he was eager to move the relationship forward and work together and I am now meeting the owner of that business to discuss the sale next Monday.  It literally was my sale to lose once he realized who I was, the tables completely turned he literally said, I didn’t realize I would be speaking with the author of this book.

That is just one example of how the power of authority can work, and that was literally just from earlier today.  Positioning yourself as an authority is like a bear wading through the turbulent waters of a river in Alaska so he can stand there as the fish jump into his mouth.  It takes hard work and practice to wade through the water (delivering genuine value to clients and establishing authority), but once positioned the fish come to him.

Thanks for joining us, and I will see you again soon,

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