How to Blast Through Barriers to Growing Your Business – Episode #40

by Richard Wilson on June 28, 2011

In this Tokyo-based episode the topic of business roadblocks and barriers is discussed.  Often times the speed of your success will be controlled by one or two barriers that you need to break through such as your refusal to delegate, your inability to focus, and your lack of clear definition of your customer avatar or niche.   (Download this Video MP4 Video)



Video Trancript/Summary: If you have studied self-improvement for long you have probably heard of the phrases “cutting your anchor” or “taking your foot off the brake.”  These analogies are used often because they are powerful in showing people in tangible ways how they are slowing down their own success.  Many people are trying to do one thing while holding onto a believe, relationship, or habit that is directly impeding their progress in that area.

If you don’t use a business coach, do not have an accountability business friend, and do not have a mastermind group that you belong to and participate in at least once a month you are for sure losing money and progress compared to your competitors in your niche.  You have to use at least one of those three types of collective mind tools or you will fall behind what you could accomplish. 

I hope you enjoyed this video and reminder about breaking through your business barriers.

Thanks for joining us, and I will see you again soon,


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