Brian Tracy Business Owner Tools – Episode #49

by Richard Wilson on July 9, 2011

In preparation for his interview with Brian Tracy later this month Richard Wilson introduces you some of the massively valuable resources that Brian Tracy has created for business owners and CEOs.  If you haven’t heard of him before Brian Tracy as a top 10 business speaker and trainer who currently has written over 50 books, spoken to millions of people in over 30 countries, and has over 500 training programs available in total. He is one of the top five people who have influenced Richard’s succes most.

Here are two great clips of Brian Tracy providing little bits of advice via Youtube:

1) You are What You Think About

2) Breaking Through Your Sales Goals

2 Books: If you haven’t read Goals! and Eat That Frog! you are for sure losing money and progress compared to at least one of your competitors who has read them and uses these business principles.

I have now interviewed Brian Tracy on business building strategies, you can listen to this interview for free right here.

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