Maintaining Your Business Owner Life Balance – Episode #34

by Richard Wilson on June 22, 2011

In this Singapore-based episode Richard provides a magical formula for out-performing your peers, having more energy, being more happy, making more money, and living longer.  Balance. (Download this Video MP4 Video)



Video Transcript/Summary: This video is as much a message to myself as it is to you.  To thrive as a business owner long-term you have to not get burned out, you have to enjoy what you are doing and be passionate about it.  To be successful you have to work hard, be tenacious, not give up easily, and always expand your breadth of training but you always have to be careful not to get burnt out. 

I have wanted to run and own a business my whole life and I see so many opportunities out there it is hard for me not to work over time every week, I love working on my business and I know you may feel the same way.  That is fine, but I’m sure you also love other things that can be relaxing, enjoyable, and healthy which will help balance, re-energize you, and help you become even more focused and powerful while you are working.

Thanks for joining us, and I will see you again soon,

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