How to Serve as Opening Day Chairman at a Conference – Episode #56

by Richard Wilson on July 16, 2011

In this episode recorded in Monaco Richard Wilson describes what it means to serve as an opening day chairman or chairman at a conference.  In Monaco Richard served as the opening day chairman for the largest and oldest investment conference in the hedge fund industry so he shares what he learned while doing so within this episode. (Download this Video in MP4 Format)


Video Transcript/Summary: While it can sound scary to serve as a event chairman or opening day chairman for a large industry conference the process of completing the work is simple.  Like anything 1,000’s of people have done it before and you can learn from them and me to make sure you don’t completely mess it up your first time around :)  The most important things to remember are:

  1. Preparation really counts if you want to come off smooth and confident
  2. Know EXACTLY how to pronounce each expert and speakers name that you will be announcing
  3. Have a personal script with timing notes included if you are responsible for helping keep the conference moving along on schedule
  4. Make sure and meet each speaker and shake their hand before the session or conference begins

I hope these tips help.  Thanks for joining us, and I will see you again soon,

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