Closing and Negotiating – Episode #227

by Richard Wilson on September 5, 2011

The following video is borrowed from our platform and was originally recorded for our recruiter training program.  Closing and negotiating are key aspects of recruiting for a business.  In the following video, you will learn some tips for negotiating and closing.

Video Transcript/SummaryThe strategies and tips provided within this video module include:

  1. First, present the opportunity.
  2. The recruiters responsibilities include: 
  3. Coordinating offer and acceptable details.
  4. Communicating rejection notices.
  5. Refine requirements from clients and refine your search strategy.
  6. Successful interviewing relies on many things but most importantly: ask challenging questions and end the interview on a passive note.  
  7. Keep in mind the variety of factors when accepting an offer.
  8. Don’t make the offer right off the bat, be ready for counteroffers and communicate openly when closing.  

I hope that this video helps you in your recruiting, especially in the areas of closing and negotiating.      

Thanks for joining us, and I will see you again soon,

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