Conscious-Neurual Channeling (CNC) – Episode #18

by Richard Wilson on June 1, 2011

This episode introduces the concept of Conscious-Neural Channeling or CNC for short which is the direct application of scientifically proven psychology principles towards achieving your top business goals. (Download this MP4 Video)



Video Transcript/Summary: Conscious-Neural Channeling is a tool that I created after stumbling across a way to more quickly reach your goals and subconsciously start doing everything that you need to be doing to get what you want.  While in my case I have used this tactic mostly for making more sales, improving my marketing, and growing my business it really can be applied to completing any type of goal.

Here is what is covered within this video:

  • How I stumbled across the principle of CNC while studying psychology at Harvard
  • Why employing this strategy really takes very little time yet energizes and directs your attention very effectively over time
  • How CNC is based on scientifically proven principles which have been widely accepted by psychologists and researchers
  • Exactly how you can begin using CNC today, it costs nothing to try and you have nothing to lose by copying this method that I am sharing

In short all that you need to do is decide what your top goals are, decide what 20-30 actions, priorities, and principles you need to keep in mind to reach those goals, and then write all of that down on a single piece of paper. Now read that piece of paper or listen to it in audio form at least once a day every single day and you will ingrain those lessons and priorities into your mind.   Who you want to be will become who you are very quickly because for the rest of your day you will be have these repeatedly read ideas and goals bouncing around in your head.

Thanks for joining us, and I will see you next time.

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