Copywriting Internship – Episode #130

by Richard Wilson on August 12, 2011

The following video is borrowed from our platform and was originally recorded for our copywriting training program.  Copywriting can be a rewarding and exciting career but it can also be hard to start a career in copywriting.  With this in mind, I have recorded the following video explaining how you can find a copywriting internship.

Video Transcript/SummaryThe strategies and tips provided within this video module include:

  1. The best person to get an internship with is an expert in copywriting, direct mailing and marketing.
  2. Consider companies that have an online presence and want someone to help grow that area so you can specialize in that area.
  3. Develop a spreadsheet of 30 potential employers that you want to work for.
  4. Meet with as many people face-to-face as possible.
  5. When you meet with a potential employer and they are reluctant or opposed to taking on an intern, meet them with two projects in mind that you can work on.
  6. Offer to work for free.

I hope that this video is helpful in your pursuit of a copywriting internship.  

Thanks for joining us, and I will see you again soon,

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