Creating Profitable Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Pages – Episode #61

by Richard Wilson on July 21, 2011

In this video recorded in Segovia, Spain Richard Wilson provides strategies for reducing your customer service costs while building your credibility and profits through optimized Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages.  There is a right and wrong way to do everything in you marketing and on your website, within this video learn the right way to structure your FAQ.  (Download this Video in MP4 Format)

Video Transcript/Summary: In this video I provide some of my best practices in creating frequently asked question (FAQ) pages for your website.  This may sound boring but anyone who has run multiple businesses that are based primarily online already knows that your FAQ page is one of the top 5 most important pages of your entire website.  Here are the best practices:

  1. Treat your FAQ page as a sales vehicle and customer service efficiency tool.
  2. Consider creating screen capture videos where you explain the answers to common questions about your product or service offering.
  3. Address the common objections to buying within the top section of your FAQ.
  4. Provide anchor links or in-page hyperlinks connecting the questions at the top of the page to the linked answers below.
  5. Use this page to make it easy for people to buy from you, as Brian Tracy would say.
  6. Aim for 20-40 total FAQs on your site.
  7. Add charts, graphs, and graphics to your FAQ page.

Thanks for joining us, and I will see you again soon,

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