Creating Your Customer Avatar – Episode #4

by Richard Wilson on August 30, 2010

Richard Wilson discusses what a customer avatar is and why it is critical to getting your marketing, advertising, and product funnel construction done right.  In this video Richard talks about perspectiving and how to get inside your customers shoes to really make sure the keywords you use, headlines you write, and services you offer fit your targeted prospective clients well.  (Download this MP4 Video)

Video Transcript/Summary: Understanding what a customer avatar is and more importantly applying it to your marketing is one of the most powerful things you can do to move past your competition and connect directly with more prospective clients. The advice in this video includes:

  • Developing the skill of perspectiving which is getting inside the mind of your prospective clients, seeing things from their point of view and getting as close as possible to trying to think and feel as they do while moving their day and facing the challenges they run into related to your solution.
  • A common excuse is that you have many types of clients so there is no way to create a customer avatar for your complex business. That is not true, for every product if you think about it hard enough you will be able to come up with your 1 or 2 most profitable or common type of client profile for that specific product or service.  Start with your most popular product to date and go through this customer avatar exercise to get even more dialed-in on what your potential clients are searching for.
  • Understanding that if you are trying to market to everyone than your language, keywords, benefits, offer, and selling points are customized for nobody and they will be diluted, weak, and ignored.

The more often that you keep your well defined customer avatar in mind the better, and the more times you go through the exercise of really thinking deeply about what your avatar looks like the more powerful it will become.

Thanks for joining us, and I will see you again soon,

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