Designing Ideal Products & Services – Episode #19

by Richard Wilson on June 1, 2011

Within Episode #19 Richard talks about designing ideal products. In idea he first heard from Stephen Covey (Begin with The End in Mind) and then Eben Pagan this is a topic which is critical to launching products your customers will love.   I like to talk about building out product and sales funnels a lot and this is a way of approaching these tasks that will increase your chances of success.   If you haven’t already, check out Episode #4 Creating Your Customer Avatar as well after watching this video. (Download in MP4 Format)

Video Transcript/Summary: Have you ever came across a product or service and thought “Wow!” that is awesome.  Everyone stumbles across thing which seem to be built just for them sometimes, the trick in running a business is to have that happen as often as possible with your clients.  This goes back to the topic of creating your customer avatar, the more focused you are on who exactly you are targeting with your product the more customized the benefits and features of it can be.   For example if you produce high-end hand made exotic sports cars you could make one that is generic, but if you know that 80% of your market are professionals basketball players you know that you need to customize many things about the car.  For example, you have to design a car that a 6’5″ guy can actually fit into without bumping his knees or head.

The trouble with trying to apply this advice to your business is that many times we may think that the real ideal version of the product is out of our reach.  You may believe you don’t have access to the resources or knowledge to create the IDEAL version of the product, but in most cases you are wrong. With the use of,, Craigslist, or type websites you can easily find someone with very specific skills and pay them on a project basis or per hour basis to help you get the project done.

Remember the saying by Henry Ford, “if you think you can do something or you think cannot you are right.”   I also like to remember that whenever anyone including myself says something like “no, that will never happen” the correct response is always “not with that attitude.” It is true, if you say you can’t or decide you can’t do something you never will.

Thank you for joining us, and I will see you again soon.

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