Distributing a Press Release – Episode #170

by Richard Wilson on August 22, 2011

The following video is borrowed from our BusinessTraining.com platform and was originally recorded for our public relations training program.  Distributing a press release is a very important part of your public relations strategy.  In this video, you will learn some tips and strategies for distributing a press release.

Video Transcript/SummaryThe strategies and tips provided within this video module include:

  1. Distributing a press release can be done a variety of ways.  
  2. You can send the press release to the media.
  3. You can also send the press release to distribution sites.
  4. Another way to distribute your press release is to post it on your own website so that it is available to your customers directly.
  5. Pay attention to your keywords.
  6. Make calls to action clear.
  7. Be sure to express why the press release is important and relevant to your readers.    

Distributing a press release successfully can help drive media attention to your company and increase your visibility in your industry.  I hope that this video has given you some good tips for distributing a press release.   

Thanks for joining us, and I will see you again soon,

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