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You now have access to our Top 7 Episodes of We will be updating this list of every 6 months so please feel free to check back in the future for updates.

To download each episode to your computer now please use the following links:

  1. Creating Your Customer Avatar
  2. How to Manage a $1M+ Business
  3. Video Persuasion Tactics
  4. Public Relations Tips for Business Owners
  5. Pricing for Profits
  6. The Importance of a Top Down Perspective
  7. Crushing the Competition

Curious as to who we are and why we are building Here is the deal:

Richard created the CEO Show to provide concise, practical, and valuable advice to business owners.   Each CEO Training Show produced lasts less than 15 minutes and aims to provide north of $1,000 worth of business building advice.

Richard Wilson is the founder and managing director of programs at,, and the Global Training & Certification Institute also known as the G.T.C. Institute.

Due to the realization that most professionals receive very little…Read More

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