5 Free Internet Marketing Resources – Episode #11

by Richard Wilson on May 15, 2011

In Episode #11 Richard provides advice on how to access five free resources on internet marketing. If you are somewhat new to this area and you are still trying to find your away around you will benefit from the tools and suggestions made within this short video.  Note: This video was originally recorded for BusinessTraining.com and has been posted here as a resource that should help many of you who are in charge of both the marketing and management of your business.  (Download in MP4 Format)

Video Transcript/Summary: Not everything free is worthless, in online marketing you can gain a ton of valuable information without paying anything.  I taught myself marketing while growing my business until I had money to reinvest in additional types of training.  Here are the best free internet marketing resources that anyone can access:

  1. SEOBook.com (We recently interviewed CEO of SEOBook Aaron Wall) Aaron’s daily email newsletter provides insights into what is happening within the field of search and his experience and open opinion on where the industry is headed is very valuable. Check out Aaron’s site at SEOBook.com
  2. SEOMoz.org (We recently interviewed CEO of SEOMoz, Rand Fishkin)  Their website is awesome, when I first started my business. Check them out at SEOMoz.org
  3. SearchEngineLand.com has an almost overwhelming level of information on where the search engine game is headed.  This is a very deep resource that covers just about every nook and cranny of the entire online marketing space.  Check out their site at http://SearchEngineLand.com
  4. BusinessTraining.com – as one of our own websites we provide many blogs posts and free videos that you can access through BusinessTrainingTV or our blog. To access both please see BusinessTraining.com
  5. Google Analytics & Keyword External Tool: Google Analytics is a free tracking software you can add to your blog or website to learn more about those people who visit your website.  It is very easy to use and provides you with very valuable information on how your website is performing.  Google External Keyword Tool is a keyword research tool provided by free from Google. It is again very easy to use and critical to developing a keyword optimized website of any type.

Thanks for joining us, and I will see you again soon,


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