Gideon Shalwick on Video Production For Business Owners – Episode #180

by Richard Wilson on August 25, 2011

Gideon Shalwick

I just finished interviewing Gideon Shalwick on video production for business owners and it was awesome!

Gideon is an Australian-based entrepreneur who is successful because he focuses, has clarity, and provides massive value to everyone who follows his work. He really does give a lot of value to others within his videos, blogs, and training programs and that is why I have been following him.

I first heard of Gideon through his projects with Yaro Starak, who we have also interviewed in the past.  Over the last five years Gideon has been digging into video creation and marketing best practices head on and he has provided a roadmap now for business owners who want to get ahead of their competitors in the video space in their industry or niche.

Remember when blogging was new?  Well it took years for small business owners to realize how powerful ” corporate blogging” can be to help dominate a business niche – actually businesses still ignore this strategy…

Well corporate video, or the ability for a small business to create decent quality video that provides a ton of value to their potential customers is pretty new still and it is harder to learn than blogging.  If blogging is learning how to ride a bike, video blogging is like learning how to ride a unicycle.  Gideon is THE expert when it comes to teaching small businesses about how to use video and that is why I called him and recorded a chat with him about the use of video in small to medium sized businesses.  (Download this Audio Interview in Mp3 Format)

Note: This recording below is a full 60 minutes long and not 15 minutes long as the timer below shows.  It is an excellent interview, enjoy.

Interview Transcript:  Coming soon…


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