Global Business Growth Boosters – Episode #2

by Richard Wilson on March 23, 2010

In this Episode Richard Wilson suggest three ways that you can more quickly grow your global business sales.  By accepting certain types of payments, allowing potential clients to submit their orders in different ways, and paying attention to the right details you can quickly put in place processes and payment methods that can increase your business by 10-15% within a few weeks.  (Download this Mp4 Video)

Video Transcript/Summary: This video was recorded in downtown Sao Paulo, Brazil a city which is larger than NYC in size.  Most people don’t realize how rich and fast growing many global locations such as Monaco, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Brazil really are.  While most business professionals do realize that the emerging marketplace is growing, it is hard to find training on how to access these markets for your particular type of business.  Tips provided within this video include:

  • Offering many types of payment options for your clients including Western Union, Bank Draft or Money Wire, Credit Cards / Debit Cards, Payment Plans, or Traditional Check payments.
  • Watch out for fraud ploys where someone sends you too much money and then ask for your bank details to take back a small amount of money – and then they take out a lot of money.  Just be cautious as to who you work with
  • Make sure you have some simple traditional check payment form and fax-in credit card payment form on your website, make it easy to use your different payment options
  • Travel to locations where you want to grow your sales, take past or potential clients out to lunch or coffee and pick their brain on how you could serve them individually better

Don’t under estimate how much business you can get from  countries which you don’t primarily target for sales but who may be interested in the solution your business offers in the marketplace.

Thanks for joining us, and I will see you again soon,

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