How Dirty is your Brain Water? – Episode #21

by Richard Wilson on June 3, 2011

In this episode Richard discusses how the environment you surround yourself in can make you sick, successful, depressed, rich, or bankrupt.  Literally the surroundings that we choose consciously or through inertia create who we are.  The inspiration for this episode of comes from James Malinchak who I have studied in the area of professional speaking and celebrity branding.

This principle is scientifically proven, and I think all of us can think of examples of bad or great things happening to people based on the company they keep, training they complete, or books they have read.  (Download in MP4 Format)



Video Transcript/Summary: I owe credit for this video to someone who I have studied to become a better speaker, James Malinchak.   He talks about in one of his training sessions that if your pet fish gets sick you don’t give the fish medicine, you clean the fish tank.  The fish lives in water obviously, so if that water is dirty the fish becomes dirty and gets sick.  The same goes for our own environments.  Many times we try to fix things by taking pills instead of cleansing our environments, dumping out old water, and cleaning out our fish tanks.

I have studied the psychology of influence by reading dozens of books, going to live workshops, taking courses at Harvard University and one thing which all of those resources confirmed is that one of the fastest ways to influence yourself or someone else is by changing the environment.  If you want to get fast results and meet your goals you need to change the PH of your fish tank, you need to alter your surroundings to alter your results.

This topic relates to Episode #16 Getting Rid of Bad Habits, because if you completely alter your environment you are going to destroy your old patterns and processes that you may be stuck in.  Many times we don’t even realize what exactly may be holding us back, but if you are always completing training, reading, and improving yourself than there is no better time than right now to re-design your life, consciously select your environment, and expose yourself to more positive influences such as mentors, training DVDs, and live workshops that will help you train your brain.

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