How Long Does it Take to Write A Book? – Episode #50

by Richard Wilson on July 10, 2011

In this episode recorded in Nice, France Richard Wilson answers the common question he gets at workshops – “How Long Will it Take to Write My Book?” There is no easy answer to this question but Richard will explain in this video what will impact the speed of your book writing and provide real life examples of how long it has taken him.  (Download this Video in MP4 Format)

Video Transcript/Summary: Many business professionals would like to write a book but they are afraid that the process will stretch out over years and without guidance maybe forever.  You have to manage writing a book like you would a product launch or completing any complex project.  You have to break the big goal into little steps and model after the success of the millions of others before you who have written books.

It is very interesting to me that while millions of people have written books, and everyone agrees it is valuable to do and valuable to be an author, very few people % wise ever get around to doing it.  I hope this email helps inspire you to get moving on your next book project today.

Thanks for joining us, and I will see you again soon,

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