How To Be a Great Global Speaker – Episode #22

by Richard Wilson on June 3, 2011

This episode was recorded in Tokyo, Japan just after my speech there at an annual hedge fund conference.  This episode is mainly for those who are starting to, or would like to begin speaking in front of international audiences of one type or another. This could be via the web through webinars or recorded video or more likely through conferences, workshops, and seminars that you provide in another country.  (Download in MP4 Format)

Video Transcript/SummaryThe tips I share in this video include the following:

  • Go through your PowerPoint and look at every page to make sure the concepts, terms, graphics, and examples are globally relevant or relevant within the country that you are speaking in.  For example if you use a picture of a dollar bill, change it to a 1,000 Yen Bill instead if you are speaking in Japan.
  • Speak slow, whether you are working with simultaneous interpreters or not you should speak slowly so your audience can follow your advice
  • Make sure that there is nothing written or planned to be spoken in your speech that could come across as offensive. Sometimes meanings can be lost in translation so make sure that there is nothing that is borderline confusing or offensive.
  • Make sure to have backup copies of your PPT with you while presenting on a USB stick as well as email to make sure that it can be transferred onto almost any computer or device

Thanks for joining us, see you next time!

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