How to Create Evergreen Blog Content – Episode #9

by Richard Wilson on April 23, 2011

In Episode #9 Richard Wilson discusses the power and value of evergreen blog content. Evergreen content is that which in 5, 7, or 10 years will still be just as valuable as it is today. By focusing on only writing evergreen content you will outpace your competitors, see exponential growth in your business, and get more long-term traffic to your websites by providing more value to everyone who visits them. Watch this video to get some tips on how to produce evergreen content. (Download this MP4 Video)



Video Transcript/Summary: Within this blog post I talk about a topic that you have to master if you want to grow your business exponentially instead of slowly, if you want to build your business at 60MPH instead of 30MPH.  Understanding this concept is important because if you start thinking “evergreen” in how you write for example, an article than you can start thinking evergreen about how you create a video, host a workshop, or write a book.  The more evergreen your business gets the more efficient it will become and the more green it will create for every hour you put into it.

Some additional tips from this video include:

  • If you force yourself to only write evergreen content every thing you touch will be useful for years to come
  • Publishing enough evergreen content can attract book deals and speaking gigs which can move you towards being an authority in your industry
  • If you don’t use evergreen content strategies you can pull down your website, make it less valuable, and it could rank worse over time within search engines

Bottom Line: You do NOT want to be in the newspaper business, you want to be in the expert knowledge sharing business.

Thanks for joining us, and I will see you again soon,

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