How to Get Your First 100 Testimonials For Your Business – Episode #54

by Richard Wilson on July 14, 2011

In this episode recorded in the Real Madrid stadium in Madrid, Spain Richard Wilson talks about how you can use live events and the processes already embedded in your business to get testimonials. He provides some specific real world examples of how he has been able to collected 100’s of testimonials using these strategies. (Download the Video in MP4 Format)



Video Transcript/Summary: Whether you serve 1 customer a week or one per hour you should have systems in place to systematically collect testimonials from those you are serving. Here are some strategies that will enable you to do so:

  • Place links to where your customers can leave a testimonial for you within your thank you and follow up email templates
  • If your website goes down for maintenance, provide a link to where they can Facebook Like your business or website page while they wait
  • Try to get at least 10 testimonials for your business in video format
  • If you host events add a very valuable bonus for anyone who completes the feedback form for you, this allows you to improve your next event and collect testimonials as part of this feedback process
  • Look at all of the ways through which you interact with customers and find at least two ways that you can consistently ask for quotes

In my experience if you leave this up to chance you will get very few testimonials, but if you work it into your business naturally many people are more than happy to help you out with a great testimonial.

Thanks for joining us, and I will see you again soon,

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