How to Identify Your Business Niche – Episode #57

by Richard Wilson on July 17, 2011

In this episode recorded in Madrid, Spain Richard Wilson discusses strategies for identifying your business niche and why this topic is so important to growing a powerful and profitable business.  (Download this Video MP4 Video)

Video Transcript/Summary: It is critical that you understand your business niche very well so that as your product funnel expands you can continue to fill the correct micro-niches within that ecosystem that help build your authority, market penetration, and word of mouth marketing.  If you do not know your niche you will only have 1/3rd of the effectiveness and momentum of your competitor who does.  

If you are having trouble identifying your niche think about where your most profitable customers come from? Where are people thanking you over and over again for the value delivered? and finally – What comes easy to your team which really sets your firm apart in the marketplace in a valuable way?

These are questions you should be asking every month and quarter as your gain additional inches on your competition and execute your plan to take over the world (within your niche).

Thanks for joining us, and I will see you again soon,

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