How to Offer Your Own Full Day Live Seminar, Workshop, or Conference – Episode #44

by Richard Wilson on July 4, 2011

In this episode Richard Wilson shares tactics which have helped his team train over professionals through his own live seminars, workshops, and conferences.  Holding full day training events is a great way to develop video content, raise your reputation and credibility, and make $5,000-$100,000 per day in the process once you figure out the basics.  Not a bad combination of benefits.  (Download this Video in MP4 Format)



Video Transcript/Summary: This video explains how you can offer your own full day events in your industry and raise your level of credibility within your industry.  Those who have the content and confidence to offer full day training events are in a different league from everyone else in almost any industry.

While some super-gurus claim to have earned $1M in just a single day’s seminar I think it is more realistic and motivating to focus more on offering a full day workshop to create video content for your business and hopefully earn $5-10K in the process.  Make sure and check out our video from last week on “How to Make $10,000 Speaking”

Here are some additional tips for putting on your own seminar or full day workshop:

  • Find 2-3 sponsors who will pay $500-$3,000 each to foot the costs of your event so you have 0 costs going into it. Make their sponsorship fee change based on how many qualified participants you get to attend to lower their risk of agreeing to sponsor.
  • Choose top end locations such as the W Hotel, Harvard Club, etc. so that participants will feel like they are treated well and see your brand in a Grade A light
  • Work in exercises and breaks so nobody is ever just sitting and listening for more than 30 minutes, that is too long and boring for some ADD people such as myself to sit quietly.  
  • Realize that if you provide wireless internet people will be pecking away all day on their tables and laptops
  • Include a workbook, spiral bound or binder-based that gives participants something to take home besides a folder with your marketing materials and sales pitches in it

I have learned everything I know from attending other people’s workshops and by making costly mistakes (like getting a $12,000 bill for an open bar event in Chicago last year).  I hope you enjoyed this content and video!

Thanks for joining us, and I will see you again soon,

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