How to Price Yourself As a Paid Speaker – Episode #39

by Richard Wilson on June 27, 2011

In this Singapore-based episode Richard suggests some methods you can use to price yourself as a paid speaker.  Every industry is different but if you are lost at what to charge these rules of thumb will guide you in the right direction.  (Download this Video MP4 Video)


Video Transcript/Summary: Many people speak for free their whole career without realizing that others speaking at the same events are getting their expenses paid, or are receiving a speaking fee to do so.  If you become well known in your industry you can often also ask for special favors like promotion of your sales materials to the audience or a free booth at the event.  These are things which otherwise would cost $3,000-$10,000+ to get. 

In the speaking world the more books you have sold, the more well known you are, the more of an audience drawer you can become, the more power you have in negotiating terms.  You have to get good at marketing yourself, having great content alone means nothing.  Check out our Authority Construction Zone here on for more details on this topic.

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