Human Resources Basics – Episode #233

by Richard Wilson on September 7, 2011

The following video is borrowed from our platform and was originally recorded for our human resources training program.  In this video, you will learn the basics of human resources management along with some tips on human resources management.

Video Transcript/SummaryThe strategies and tips provided within this video module include:

  1. The human resource is a unique and valuable one that companies need to conduct business, interact with customers, and essentially get the work done.
  2. There are three phases of human resource management:
  3. Acquiring Human Resources
  4. Maintaining Human Resources
  5. Developing Human Resources

Human resources management is a very important part of running a successful business.  It is crucial that you and your human resources team are strong in the three phases of human resources: acquiring, maintaining and developing.  

Thanks for joining us, and I will see you again soon,

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