James Malinchak on Celebrity Branding & Public Speaking – Episode #242

by Richard Wilson on February 8, 2012

I just finished interviewing James Malinchak on professional speaking, positioning, and leveraging celebrity endorsements.

James is a self-trained public speaker who went from speaking for free in hopes of selling a $15 book that he wrote in his dorm room to charging $1,000 to speech, $10,000 per speech, and now earning over $1M a year from his public speaking work. James now trains 1,000’s of professionals a year and he has even worked with Michael Jordan (pictured left).

James has accomplished all of this through “working right,” always thinking about marketing angles, and really thinking through his positioning and celebrity attachments along the way.

If you are looking to grow your educational marketing, public speaking, and take your positioning strategies to the next level you are going to love this audio interview. (Download this Audio Interview in MP3 Format)

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