Strategies For Moving Up the Speaking Career Ladder – Episode #58

by Richard Wilson on July 18, 2011

Within this video recorded in Madrid, Spain Richard Wilson provides advice on how you can move up the speaking career ladder step-by-step very rapidly over just 1-2 years.  By following this process you will never get too nervous or intimidated to accept a speaking opportunity and you will know which types of opportunities are worth your time to complete.  (Download this Video in Mp4 Format)


Video Transcript/Summary: Many people have asked me how they can get leading speaking roles at conferences, there really are not many direct ways besides asking for them. The best way to get dozens of offering for lead speaking roles it to sit on multiple panels each year, host your own 1/2 day and full day workshops, help serve as a conference chairman, and provide short 15-30 minute speaking spots. After doing all of these things for a few years in addition to writing in a blog or a few books you will be begin to be asked by many conference providers to come speak within lead positions at their events. 

This process takes lots of time and hard work but it is worth it as it positions you as a top 25 thought leader in your space.

Thanks for joining us, and I will see you again soon,

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