Speed of Implementation – Episode #1

by Richard Wilson on December 21, 2009

Richard Wilson talks about why CEO Training.com is being developed as a video blog and more importantly, how to use speed of implementation in growing your business.  Speed of implementation is one of the most powerful and underestimated business principles.  Watch this video to get two examples of how speed of implementation has helped me publish a book in one day, and a launch a fast growing business which now offers over 50 unique products and services.  (Download this Mp4 Video)

Why you should apply SPEED of Implementation starting now…

In mid 2009 I attended a business conference where over 10 guest speakers, all of which were self-made millionaires and business owners spoke. I took over 15 pages of notes and condensed those down to just one single page. While reviewing common themes from the 30+ hours of advice from these professionals the only piece of advice which each expert mentioned and emphasized was “speed of implementation.” Since that conference I have developed a deeper understanding of this concept, figured out how to apply it to my business, and why it is so important.

In short focusing my attention on increasing my speed of implementation has brought my productivity, motivation, and sense of progress to another level. Increasing your speed of implementation means making decisions faster, receiving feedback faster, and adjusting and growing further more rapidly as well.

Iterative Processes

Applying speed of implementation requires a fundamental understanding how it will help you reach a level of breakthrough success that surprises even yourself. Within the diagram below you see four letters: A,B,C,D, followed by a single letter T.

A –> B –> C –> D –> T (Breakthrough Success)

Steps A, B, C of most projects are obvious, you know what first steps you need to take…yet step #20 which is T is so far removed from the knowledge and foresight you have now that the project seems unachievable, unrealistic, or risky. The result? Typically we enter gathering more information and asking others for their opinion mode. This has its time and place but 99% of the time if you would just start on Steps A, B, and C, by the time those are complete you would have a much better vision and more clarity on exactly what steps D, E, F, and G are. Once you get those next steps complete through G you may even be able to see all the way to step L, etc. Eventually you will get to T, step #20 but there is no way that you can get there without first going through the iterative process of taking the first steps that are clear right now.

In short you can evolve faster, meet your goals sooner, and over a short period of time out-pace everyone around you in your industry by just taking massive action within the areas where you have identified the next 1-2 steps to take.

Happy implementing!

Thanks for joining us, and I will see you again soon,


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