how to get rich clients

In this Tokyo-based episode Richard provides hard-earned lessons on how to get clients with more money buying your products and services.  Long-term, your ability to attract and keep high-end clients in your sales funnels is critical to moving from surviving to thriving as a business owner.  (Download this Video MP4 Video)



Video Transcript/Summary: You should constantly be attracting more high end clients in your business.  We have been able to do this on our team by providing more complete service solutions to customers, more business to business offerings, live training workshops, and more packaged product deals. 

One of my best friends runs a photography business, he said that he has lunch with someone last week that charges $25,000 per wedding he shoots. Every year he would raise his prices by 20-30% and people kept accepting the price hikes based on his portfolio of work and expeirence. 

Revenue really doesn’t matter as much as profits in business. As a CEO this can be hard to remember as many of us aim for a “6 figure business” or that magical $1M a year revenue mark.  But just think, if you sold $1M in products to 1,000 customers and had 1,000 delivery and customer service issues to address would you be happy with a $25k profit? No.  Will that happen to you? Hopefully not, but by constantly raising your margins you can assure it never does.

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