The Power of Commitment – Episode #123

by Richard Wilson on August 10, 2011

The following video is borrowed from our platform and was originally recorded for our copywriting training program.  The power of commitment is a great influence principle that can be applied to copywriting.  In this video, I talk about how you can leverage the power of commitment to improve your copywriting.

Video Transcript/SummaryThe strategies and tips provided within this video module include:

  1. Commitment is the psychological principle that when someone starts something then the more likely they are to continue doing that.
  2. If people start using your business instead of their competitors then they are more likely to continue using your business.
  3. When you are describing an issue that your prospect has, you should try to reframe the issue so that you are offering a solution rather than trying to sell a product.
  4. Your sales copy should provide a tip that will provide the reader with a break-through moment that will help them.
  5. Have your prospect do an exercise of some sort so that you build active commitment with that person.
I hope that these applications of commitment will help your business grow and improve your copywriting.  
Thanks for joining us, and I will see you again soon,

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