Video Copywriting Tactics – Episode #15

by Richard Wilson on May 29, 2011

In this Episode Richard Wilson introduces the topic of video copywriting.  Traditional copywriting in the legal sense has to do with persuasive writing to get your readers to take action, video copywriting is the use of copywriting best practices to get your video viewers to take a desired action.  (Download this Mp4 Video)

Video Transcript/Summary: Within this episode of the Show we cover the new area of persuasive video that takes advantage of copywriting best practices from the field of marketing.  Most people have never studied copywriting and besides the video genius Frank Kern I have never heard of anyone knowing more than the very basics of video persuasion.  The tips within this video include:

  • Make sure you know exactly why you are creating the video and what the purpose of it really is from the start
  • Create a story within your video whenever possible. Tell a story, show a story, or act out a story within the video by switching locations or camera views as the story progresses.
  • Try to catch people’s attention by being different, if everyone else in your industry is formal be casual, if everyone else is confusing, be easy to understand.
  • Provide practical examples and case studies each time you present a theory or new perspective for the viewer to consider.
  • Try to use “friend angles” within your videos such as sitting down for coffee with a coworker or riding in the car with a friend
  • Just like in copywriting, make sure you have a call to action at the end of each of your videos…or at the very least know what you want to use to do next naturally after they are done watching your video so that you can make that action more likely to happen.

While I have heard other trainers speak about how to create persuasive video content I owe credit to Mr. Frank Kern for his lead in developing this area, I have to credit him with the friend angles idea above which is still something I don’t see used or reference anywhere else in the marketing world.

Thanks for joining us, and I will see you again soon,

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